All not well in family: Woman throws kids and self in Well in Bangalore

In a similar incident to one already posted, a woman pushed her kids in the well to their death and then killed herself. It is strange that the WELL which is a harbringer of life, is becoming used as a tool for people to end their lives.

Woman pushes kids to death, kills self

2 Jan 2009

Bangalore: A woman pushed her three children into a well and committed suicide after a fight with her husband.

The bodies of Narayanamma (32) and three of her children, Tejaswini (10), Gopi (8) and Yeshaswi (6), were recovered from the well in Nandugudi area, Bangalore Rural, on Thursday morning.

Police said Naraynamma had fought with her husband Munirajapppa, a farmer, on Wednesday night. Driven by anger, she decided to end her life as well as that of her kids.

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