Cancer hit Hrithik Roshan’s sibling wants divorce?

Mumbai, Oct 2: Media reports claimed that Bollywood superstar, Hrithik Roshan’s elder sister, Sunaina, who has been suffering from Cancer, may soon go for divorce.

Sunaina, whose secret wedding had caused a tremendous tension in the Roshan family, may soon end her married life with Canada-based businessman Mohan Nagar.

Media quoted a close source of Roshan family as stating, “Sunaina has had a difficult time prior to her wedding to Nagar. She had been through a divorce, followed by a broken engagement and then her fight against cancer. Hrithik has been by her side during all her difficult times.”

“However when she married secretly, all of them including Hrithik snapped all ties. But when he learnt that his sister is happy in her marriage, he reconciled with her. However the family isn’t too happy about this development as they are still keeping away from Sunaina,” added the source.

The daily also quoted the source as informing, “Sunaina’s husband is in construction business and since he has recently migrated to India from Canada, he is still getting a foothold in the business here. And since her treatment is still on and is an expensive one, apparently Hrithik has been taking care of it. Despite the family’s aloofness, he wants to be there for her as any caring and loving brother would.”

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