Sunil Dutt “only one Mr and Mrs Dutt in Pali Hill” & Girls should not use father’s name

In a shocking display of male aggression and gender bias, Sunil Dutt believes that his sister Priya Dutt should not use her father’s surname. Who is Sunil Dutt to object if her husband does not object? Who is Sunil Dutt to tell India to follow this family squabble to be applicable to the rest of India? And based on what law? In an India which is moving towards gender equality and gender sensitization, it is sad to see someone proclaiming ‘Gandhigiri’ in films talk ‘goodagiri’ in his own house and say “There is only one Mr and Mrs Dutt in Pali Hill”.
Where is personal choice involved in decisions in India?

The first thing which would be advisable to Sunil and Priya Dutt is to communicate with each other, and stop giving press releases about their opposition to their siblings’ political and marital choices.

L K Advani thinks that his ex-daughter-in-law Gauri Advani should not use her surname as Advani. Who is Advani to object if she wants to continue to use her married name? Is there a law which prevents an ex-wife NOT to use her ex-husbands name?

Any comments from lawyers and law-makers about the status of women in using the name of their fathers and ex-husbands?

Relationships based on siblings and marriage are here to stay.

Gender bias against sister
Gender bias against sister

No sister gets along with her brother’s wife: Dutt
19 Jan 2009
What was your reaction to a part of your family going against your wife, Manyata, publicly?
My sister Priya (Dutt) has denied that she is against my wife. Being the eldest member of the family, along with Manyata, I forgive Priya even if she has any anger towards us. Priya is my blood, nothing can change that. However, Manyata is Sunil Dutt and Nargis

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