Yeddyurappa beleive in superstition

Bangalore, Jul 31: The ex-chief minister of Karnataka, BS Yeddyurappa shifted deadlines before walking down to Raj Bhavan to hand over his resignation to Governor, HR Bhardwaj on Sunday, Jul 31 (today).

68-year-old BSY had earlier said that he would resign on Jul 31 “forenoon“, on Saturday he said that he would change it to “afternoon” on Jul 31.

Today in a public meeting at Raj Bhavan he said that he would go to meet Governor Bharadwaj between 2.30 pm-3 pm but there was no sign of BSY at Raj Bhavan at 3 pm.

There were speculations that he would quit only after 6 pm because between 4.30 pm to 6 pm it was “Rahu Kaalam“, which according to the Hindu calendar is considered inauspicious.

But Yeddyurappa finally gave in after he left his residence to walk down to Raj Bhavan at 3.45pm to submit his resignation.

If its Rahu or ketu what is there to resign, common man exclaimed.

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