Pratibha Patil for supremacy of Parliament

New Delhi, Oct 8: Throwing her weight behind the supremacy of parliament, President Pratibha Patil today (Oct 8) said the government was sincere in passing the Lokpal Bill. “Definitely, that is the best way. And it should happen that way. I feel so,” she told reporters during her return from Switzerland and Austria tour.

She was responding to a question about whether the fight against corruption should be led by parliamentary democracy. Backed the government’s efforts to tackle corruption, Patil said, “Government of India is taking a lot of measures.

The Bill is before the House and the government is very sincere in passing the bill, the Lok Pal Bill and bringing it into force,” adding, “There is no doubt about it.” She said a lot of other measures are being taken and gave the example of RTI. The president said the world was seeing that “despite such a big country, India is implementing RTI, which is very important thing”.

She also talked about the Amending Protocol to Double Taxation Treaty inked with Switzerland recently. “India is very keen on it… I took up the issue with Switzerland also. So all measures which are necessary to curb corruption and combat corruption, the government of India taking and that is why India is actively considering becoming a member of International Anti-corruption Academy,” she said.

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