Indian Black money – Show details for last 5 years.

This is a move by current government to fool people.

Indian Politicians after moving out all Black money from Swiss Banks, to other hidden accounts, Indian Government want to show they done a great job.

Bring back Black money issue is with Indian Government for last 4/5 years, and everyone knows someday Swiss Authorities will disclose account holders names and details, Corrupt politicians are not that dumb to keep money in Swiss banks. now all Indian Politicians moved out of swiss to some other safe heavens.

The development comes close on the heels of Switzerland disclosing fresh data on money stashed by Indians in its banks. The latest data released by Switzerland’s central banking authority Swiss National Bank (SNB) shows that Indian money in Swiss banks rose 43% during 2013 to close to 2.03 billion Swiss francs (Rs 14,000 crore), pushing its global ranking up from 70 at the end of 2012 to 58.

Swiss authorities, however, have said this money is not necessarily ill-gotten wealth as it is in the accounts of those who have declared themselves as Indian. The latest list being shared with India, however, is of those account holders who hold the account through trusts or other entities in foreign countries and are thus under suspicion.

The official refused to divulge the identity of these persons and entities, as also the quantum of funds held by them in Swiss banks, citing confidentiality clause of the bilateral information exchange treaty between India and Switzerland.

The official further said Swiss authorities were very keen to work with the new government in India and they would provide all necessary support to the Special Investigation Team on black money.

He, however, dismissed claims that black money stashed in Swiss banks by Indians could be trillions of dollars, as the latest Swiss National Bank data pegs the total foreign client money across 283 banks in Switzerland at $1.6 trillion.

The senior official of Swiss Government further said the details are being shared with India on a ‘spontaneous’ basis and are different from the information sought earlier by the Indian authorities on the basis of ‘leaked’ or ‘stolen’ lists of certain banks, including the so-called ‘HSBC list’.

If BJP government really want to show they have done it and kept election promise then, they have to show public all indians names who kept money/transfared for last 5 years. then all skeletons will stumble out of cupboard.

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