Tabu protests against domestic violence

Shabana Azmi is a well known activist apart from being an actress. Now her niece, actress Tabu too is aiming to follow her foot steps it seems.

A source revealed, “Tabu had recently gone to America for a few days. Not many are aware that this trip wasn’t meant for shooting any film. Tabu had actually gone there to participate in March by a women’s organization there. This women’s march was in protest of domestic violence against women. Tabu after participating in this protest march interacted with the local press and expressed her views about the issues.”

Well with declining film roles and age no more on her side, Tabu seems to be slow and steadily opting for another full time profession it seems! She also has a guru in her own family in her aunt Shabana Azmi so it doesn’t look a hard path for her ahead!

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