Gender Discourse

This is a discussion aired in Loksabha TV in their program “Gender Discourse”.Laws intended for protection of women are being rampantly misused and innocent family members are being jailed without investigation and are entangled in vexatious, lingering and wasteful litigation and harassment by police. Participants:Swarup Sarkar & Abhimanyu – Save … Continue reading

Open Challenge to UN / NCW and WCD

Source : Every year Indian Women Organization including NCW / WCD forward fake Details of Indian women status, just to get Grant and Funds from Foreign Organization and Government. UNO and other its Affiliated organization, without checking any details or Truth behind these reports, sanction grants worth billions, for … Continue reading

Will equality become a reality

Below written article was Published on Deccan Herald By Sujatha Balakrishnan , whos mind set still in 1st century BC. ARTICLE BEGIN > Discrimination against the female sex begins from the time of conception itself. As early as the 15th century, Guru Nanak, a progressive champion of gender equality, said: