Abuse of anti dowry law woke Government

New Delhi.’s Anti-dowry law being misused and innocent men are victims of anti-dowry law. देर से ही सही सरकार को इस सच्चाई का अहसास हो गया है लिहाजा धारा 498 A का दुरुपयोग रोकने के लिए गृहमंत्रालय ने अपनी चिंता जाहिर कर दी है। Belated government has realized the truth … Continue reading

Court concerned over misuse of law

A Delhi court has expressed concern over growing propensity to rope in innocent persons as accused in cases relating to cruelty against married women and sought a vigilant approach from lower courts in prosecuting relatives of the accused husband. “A tendency has emerged to rope in family members of the … Continue reading

CSR Report on 498A and reality

Centre for Social Research (CSR) is a leading women’s institution in India. CSR aims to empower and sensitize women and men to restructure gender relations. Based in Delhi, we have been working in the fields of social research, advocacy and training since 1983. CSR Published a Study / Research report … Continue reading