talaq, talaq, talaq" Chand Mohammed SMS to Fiza

Chandigarh, March 14 (IANS) It was a divorce notice from London. Former Haryana deputy chief minister Chander Mohan alias Chand Mohammed sent a terse “talaq, talaq, talaq” mobile SMS to estranged second wife Fiza and called her up to repeat the message – adding another twist to their controversial marriage.

“I got an SMS from Chand on my mobile phone on Friday in which he had written ‘talaq’ three times. Immediately after that, I got a call from him and he reiterated that he has given talaq to me,” Fiza told media persons at her residence Saturday. 

“He is still in London and threatened me over the phone. He said that nobody could save me after the elections. Chand admitted over the phone that his first wife Seema Bishnoi had illicit relations with his brother Kuldeep Bishnoi and that was why he wanted to leave her,” alleged Fiza alias Anuradha Bali. 

This latest drama in the Chand-Fiza love episode comes just days after Chand was given a clean chit by the Punjab Police at Mohali town near here on a complaint of rape, cheating, intimidation and hurting religious sentiments filed by Fiza against him.

Fiza said: “Police are afraid of Chand’s family and they have not conducted fair investigation in the case. But I am still hopeful and will move the court in the coming days to seek legal action against Chand. 

“I am continuously getting life threats from Chand’s family and I have shown enough proof of it to police, but till date no police protection has been provided to me.” 

Chand and Fiza disappeared in November last year and re-appeared in December after 40 days as a married couple after embracing Islam. They had changed their names from Chander Mohan and Anuradha Bali to Chand Mohammed and Fiza respectively.

He was promptly sacked from the post of deputy chief minister.

The marriage lasted hardly 40 days with Chand suddenly leaving Fiza’s house Jan 28 and not communicating with her after that.

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