We Teach Morals to our New Generation..?

What did Ganga do to get medicines for her dying child ?

This is one of the questions that lakhs of Class IX students have to answer in 10 sentences in lesson three titled ‘Mother’ in their Kannada textbook Kannada Kasturi across the Karnataka state.

The reply could turn both teachers and students redfaced with embarrassment and has horrified the state primary education minister who has been inundated with calls from irate parents and educationists.

Authored by Geetha Nagabhusan and approved as a lesson for Class IX students by the textbook committee headed by Lingadevaru Halemane, it is a narration of the plight of a hapless woman (Ganga) trying to get medicines for her dying child at a government hospital in Gulbarga.

The lesson has angered primary and secondary education minister Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri. "According to the story, Ganga is sexually exploited by an unknown man. He pays her some amount which she uses to get medicines. This is atrocious," a visibly upset and seething minister told Deccan Chronicle.
He said he is thinking on pulling up the textbook committee for approving a lesson which narrates sexual exploitation of a hapless woman. "I have directed the department officials to find out from the textbook committee how such a negative element could be considered as a lesson for the students. I would like to take action against the members of the committee," he added.

After the woman is turned away from the hospital as she cannot afford to pay for medicines, she is accosted by a man dressed in a suit, who takes her in his car promising her the money. After some time, the man drops her back in the same spot in a helpless and exhausted condition with her clothes torn.The implication that she was sexually exploited is strong. "I am shocked.

What are we trying to teach children? How can anybody even think of recommending it as a lesson?," Mr Kageri said and disclosed, "I have received hundreds of letters and phone calls from parents to get the lesson removed from the textbook. In fact, some teachers have told me that they too find it embarrassing to teach the lesson." "During one of my conversations on the issue, I was shocked to hear one person saying that such things — sexual exploitation of a hapless woman — were happening in the society and there was nothing wrong in incorporating it as a lesson. But so many undesirable things keep happening around us every day. Should we bring those incidents in the form of lessons?" he said.

This is how we teach morals to our new generation.
This is how we make impression that all men are BAD and they sexually expolit women and all women are victims and they are ready to do anything for her children.

This is how we create more legal terrorists,by creating bad images of men in girl students mind.


One thought on “We Teach Morals to our New Generation..?

  1. Yes the government is doing the right thing by educating young girls that 1) all men are offenders and not to be trusted, or loved- better see all of them with suspicion and hate, 2) Its ok to sell bodies when in desparate time.

    I am proud of the text book makers, if I had a gun, I would have shot them with 3 rounds of respectfull gun-fire!!!!

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