Pune: Techie booked for murder of ex-lover and his fiancee

Pune, Oct 15: A 30-year-old software engineer on Thursday morning, Oct 13, allegedly set her ex-lover and his fiancee on fire, while they were asleep at their apartment in Pune.

Anushree Kundra, the accused, killed her ex-boyfriend Nimesh Sinha Rameshnandan Prasad and his fiancee Juhi Abhayunandan Prasad after they had a heated argument over their marriage. Nimesh suffered 10% burn injuries whereas Juhi suffered 98% burns.

Senior police inspector Bajirao Mohite said that Nimesh, an IT professional had recently got engaged with a Delhi-based lawyer Juhi.

“Nimesh told us that he knew Anushree for over six years. He (Nimesh) said that he was living with Anushree in Gurgaon before shifting to Pune three years back. Juhi, too, has given a statement, saying she knew that Nimesh and Anushree were living together in Gurgaon,” said Bajirao Mohite.

Meanwhile, Nimesh’s parents were against the relationship and they fixed his marriage with Juhi.

Mohite was quoted as saying, “Juhi told us that Nimesh’s mother called her on Oct 12 asking her to rush to Pune as she had learnt from Nimesh that Anushree was with him. Around 5.30am on Thursday, Anushree told them that she would not come in the way of their marriage. She advised them to rest in their bedroom but requested them not to lock the door from inside. She also told them that she would sit in the living room for a while before leaving the house.”

Anushree entered their bedroom and poured an inflammable substance on them. Mohite added that Anushree set them on fire before they could react. She then locked the flat’s door and fled. Hearing Nimesh and Juhi screaming, the neighbours broke into the flat and tried to put out the fire.

Prabhakar Umratkar, the fire officer reached the spot and found Juhi in the balcony. “The mattress in the room was burnt and the furniture was also damaged,” Umratkar said.

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