Divine wrath ? Padmanabha temple PIL petitioner dies.

Thiruvanathapuram, Jul 17: TP Sunderarajan, the one person responsible for the opening of the landmark secret vaults in the Padmanabhaswamy temple in Kerala died on Sunday. He was 70 and has been reported to be suffering from fever since the last few days. He breathed his last in his home that is located near the famous temple.

Sunderarajan filed the PIL in court seeking the opening of the secret cellars in the temple that hadn’t been opened for centuries. He had accused of mismanagement of the temple funds and moved court to ascertain the exact assets within the temple. Initial unofficial estimates had put the treasure trove worth Rs 1 lakh crore.

A 1964 batch Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, and was part of the security ring of the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He later quit the profession and took up law studies. He was also part of the Intelligence Bureau. His family has been traditionally the law advisers of the Travancore Royal family, who are the present custodians of the temple riches.

Following his PIL in the Supreme Court to open the vaults, he have had to face death threats and even attacks on his house.

With the death of Sunderarajan, there is sure to be rumours floating if his death is a result of the divine wrath that was mentioned by the royal family counsel in court earlier.[Read: Travancore scion puts the fear of God on SC in his affidavit]

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