LeT engaged in commando training inside Pakistan

Washington, Sep 3: LeT is engaged in imparting commando training to its recruits, including teenagers, at its terror camps inside Pakistan, besides being involved in their religious indoctrination, according to an FBI complaint.

In the complaint submitted before a federal US court in Virginia on Friday, the FBI said this is reflected in the communication of Jubair Ahmad, a Pakistani national on legal permanent residency in the US who was arrested on charges of providing material support to Lashkar-e-Taiba.

The FBI said a review of immigration records indicated that Jubair was born in Sialkot and resided in Pakistan until the age of 19.

According to admissions he made during a number of communications analysed by the FBI, he received indoctrination and training from LeT while he lived in Pakistan.

“These communications demonstrate that, as a teenager, in or about 2004, Jubair attended an LeT training course known as ”Dora Suffa” where he received instruction in religious dogma and proselytising,” the complaint said.

Thereafter, Jubair attended LeT”s basic training camp known as ”Dora A’ama”, where he received additional religious indoctrination, physical conditioning and weapons instruction.

For example, when describing his training at Dora A’ama, Jubair stated in one of the communications that recruits “listen to lectures, offer your prayers, exercise, study guns, fire them” and added that “where I got training from they do the commando training there now,” the FBI said. 

Subsequent to attending Dora A’ama, Jubair reported for the next stage of LeT training — the commando course known as Dora Khasa.

“He spent only a week at that course, however, because an instructor at the training camp told Jubair that he was too young, that he needed to continue his studies, and then he could return to complete Dora Khasa,” said the complaint signed by FBI Special Agent, Daudshah S Andish.

The FBI said Jubair was given visa by the State Department on October 16, 2006 based on the fact that his father was related to a US citizen. He along with his father, mother and two younger brothers entered the US on February 19, 2007.

According to the compliant, the FBI started an investigation after it received information that Jubair might be connected with the LeT.

Investigations by FBI have revealed that Jubair provided material support to LeT by producing and posting LeT propaganda video glorifying violent video.

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