Terrorist attack on Christians in Nashik Maharashtra: Baptism disrupted ,Christians thrashed

It is important for police to have members of the minorities (including Christians and Muslims), when visiting and investigating a Communal riot. Otherwise, Justice will not be done.

One does not have to be Nostradamus to predict that there will be continuing violence directed against different minorities (Christians, Muslims, North Indians, etc)especially in Nashik (Maharashtra), Mangalore/Mysore (Karnataka), Orissa, and Gujarat.

The identified Hindu terrorists have still not been punished. It will be a shame for India to ask for terrorists from other nations, when it is unable to strongly resolve Internal acts of terrorism.

Terrorist attack on Christians in Nashik Maharashtra: Baptism disrupted ,Christians thrashed

Hinduvta extremists on Jan 26th, forcibly stopped a Baptism rite near Gangapur dam, thrashed Christians including women and children in Nashik, Maharashtra.

Around 4 pm, as ‘Navjeevan Sansthan’ believers were being initiated into the faith at the Gangapur dam, on the banks of the Godavari on the outskirts of Nashik city a group of radicals attacked the believers, shouting Jai Shri Ram.

As the radicals armed with cricket stems, iron rods and sticks, thrashed the believers, some more radical cadre joined them in beating up the Christians.

The believers most of whom were residents of Dharmaji Colony in Satpur’s MIDC area and belonging to the Navjeevan Sansthan Church group, alleged they were targeted because they were Christians, the police claim that it was a case of “personal skirmish between the two parties”.

Winston Karkade, who fractured his hand and got stitches on his head, insisted that the “RELIGIOUS FUNCTION WAS HAMPERED BY UNIDENTIFIED YOUTH WHO WERE NOT CHRISTIANS.”

“It was terrifying,” Karkade said. “The baptism ceremony of Rajendra’s son Akshay was on. The women too were in the water when we noticed a group of men, around 20 to 25 years of age, videotaping us. When we asked them what they were doing, they started assaulting us.”

Added Sangeeta paulat, wife of Sanjay who was also injured in the incident: “THEY SHOUTED SLOGANS LIKE JAI SRI RAM WHILE BEATING US UP.”

Karkade adding that even children were not spared. The men allegedly threw the children into the river and ‘TRIED TO THROTTLE” and twisted the arms of women, he alleged.
Even his Indica parked nearby was damaged.

Suresh Patil, who suffered head injury, and Himmat Wagh who fractured his right hand have been admitted to ESIC Hospital. Sanjay Pandit, whose left leg was fractured, is recuperating at Nashik General (Civil) Hospital.

Sonawane, who too suffered injuries, was later discharged. Inspector V K Sandane of Nashik taluka police station stated that they had registered a case against 10-15 unidentified men. Initial investigations reveal that the assault was not due to any religious dispute.”

Nashik district has a history of attacks against Christian missionaries.

In 2000, alleged Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal activists had attacked a hostel run by missionaries in Abhona.

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