Are we threat to Indian Men ?

I Just found one Articles about, more and more indian women are Elected and selected in local election.

A recent all-India A C Neilsen ORG MARG survey evaluating the impact of 10.5 lakh women in panchayati raj reveals that a large number of women decided to contest elections after having joined self-help groups that gave them the confidence and exposure to take on more challenging assignments

The first-ever all-India A C Neilsen ORG MARG survey evaluating the impact of 10.5 lakh women in panchayati raj highlights the fact that these women have become extremely empowered and no longer depend on their sarpanch patis, as their husbands used to be called, to take all the key decisions.

The survey, conducted across 24 states and likely to be tabled in Parliament in early April, also emphasises that of the overall 28 lakh male and female panchayat members across the country, 80,000 women sarpanchs (chairpersons) have been elected to positions of responsibility.

A few women continue to depend on their husbands while taking important decisions but this is often because they belong to backward regions and are illiterate.

These facts are backed by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, in its mid-term appraisal of

4 thoughts on “Are we threat to Indian Men ?

  1. Dear Madam
    Indian men always repect to Indian women as an mother, sister except their wives and also treat their wives as a life partner. But Indian women are now running to follow western culture for which they even forget Indian culture. For which they feel their husband are now a free ATM machines. As a reult the indian women are treated as a blackmailer in world and no one can beieve their words.
    Jai Hind
    rajani kanta dash

  2. FYI, Neither women are any threat to men, not men are any threat to women.
    Rather, its the ‘divide & rule policy’ (Dividing human race by gender) adopted by the radical feminists, that’s a serious threat to the whole Indian society and the Indian Institution of Marriage.

    Hope you are not one of them!

  3. Most of the woman candidates(for MLAs, Panchayat members) as per quota system are wives of Male candidates and these women candidates acts just like rubber stamps, on behalf of their husbands.

    Its back to square one.

  4. Until the women are able to stand by themselves nothing is good. In most cases they are just rubberstamp. They do not know the real tough practical life and they think they can do anything. Work in practical real life and women will know what is threat and whom they are threatening and who are their actual long term friend.

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