Six-day-old girl thrown out of car

New Delhi, Nov 24: She gurgles happily, blissfully unaware that hours ago she escaped near death — flung out of a moving car, a hungry dog shaking the polythene bag she was wrapped in, then miraculously spotted by a woman and saved by police. All at the tender age of six days.

The baby, who was transferred to an orphanage Saturday, is “healthy” and “pretty”, said doctors at the orphanage.

The baby was found alive inside a bag outside the Kali Mata temple on Bangla Sahib road in central Delhi Friday midnight by a woman passerby who reported the matter to police.

She contacted the Police Control Room when she saw something moving inside the bag. The bag, she said, had been tossed out of a moving car, after which a stray dog pounced on it and dragged it around.

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