Can a Women throws her own Children ?

The Grant Road area in south Mumbai was witness to high drama late on Sunday night after a pavement dweller tried to throw her minor children off the skywalk.

According to the DB Marg police, the incident occurred at around 11.15 pm on Sunday on the Grant Road skywalk.
The woman, Reshma Waghmare (25), lives on the skywalk with her two daughters and one son, alongside some other homeless families, who all make a living by begging for alms.

“Reshma got into an argument with another family living on the skywalk, which soon turned violent. In a fit of rage, she grabbed her two daughters Muskaan and Firdaus, both four years old, and went to the railing. Some passersby who had stopped on hearing the sound of the argument, grew suspicious and drew close. Before they could react, Reshma had thrown Muskaan off the skywalk. The crowd below, however, pressed close and managed to catch Muskaan as she fell, while some others ran up to the skywalk and overpowered her before she could do the same to her son Salman (9),” said an officer with the DB Marg police.
Muskaan was rushed to the Nair Hospital in Mumbai Central where she is currently being treated for severe injuries to the head. Reshma was handed over to the DB Marg police and subsequently placed under arrest for attempt to murder.

The police said that Reshma was involved in a dispute over sleeping space on the skywalk with one Shehnaz, who occupies the space next to her. However, the exact motive behind her extreme step is still not clear. Reshma herself is quite disturbed after the incident, because of which the police has delayed her questioning.

“We are still not sure why Reshma chose to target her own children. Further inquiries are underway in this regard,” said Nisar Tamboli, deputy commissioner of police, Zone 2. All the other squatters on the skywalk are also being questioned, the police said.

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