Anna won’t come out of Tihar jail: Kiran Bedi

New Delhi, Aug 17: Gandhian crusader, Anna Hazare who is lodged in Tihar jail wont come out of the jail, said Kiran Bedi briefing the crowd outside Tihar Jail who had come to support Anna.

Bedi further said that negotiations were going on with the police on whether Ramlila Maidan would be finalised as the venue to conduct fast, adding that the police had given them only 7 days to hold their fast, while they wanted a time period of one month.

“Anna may not come out at all tonight. We’ve agreed on fast venue but not on the duration,” said Kiran Bedi.

Meanwhile, there were reports that the Delhi police had finally stooped to Anna Hazare’s demands and agreed to extend his fast.

The venue, Ramlila Maidan can hold about 25,000-30,000 people and all sort of restrictions will be lifted in terms of number of people and number of vehicles. The Delhi Police is also believed to have agreed to most of Anna’s demands.

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