TOOTHless Lokapal Bill

As we reported in earlier news about Lokapal Bill [ Ref : ], our Every word came true when union cabinet announced its Draft of Lokabill without PM and CJM

News is hereNew Delhi, July 28 The union cabinet Thursday approved the draft of the anti-corruption Lokpal bill, to be presented in the monsoon session of parliament beginning Aug 1, Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni said.

The draft bill excludes from its ambit the prime minister, the chief justice of India and MPs for their actions inside the house, informed sources said. This would be a major disappointment to the anti-corruption campaign led by civil rights activist Anna Hazare.

A 10-member committee, comprising five ministers and five civil rights leaders, was set up in April to draft the bill, but the two sides prepared separate versions following disagreements over key issues.

Reacting to reports that the prime minister would be excluded from the ambit of the Lokpal bill, civil society leader Kiran Bedi said the group would react officially after details were available.

“It is not the end of the civil society movement, but the beginning,” she told reporters here.

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