Tortured wife gets hubby’s house

MUMBAI: After enduring 12 years of physical torture and sexual harassment, Veena Krishnan (name changed) has lodged a case against her husband under
the Domestic Violence Act and now stays in a house owned by her husband, who has been prohibited from entering the residence.

Veena approached the court against her husband and won the case under the recently introduced Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act and with a handsome compensation every month and her daughter’s custody, Veena is now a practising physician in south Mumbai.

While Veena mustered the courage to fight her husband, lawyers feel that there are thousands who suffer silently owing to their inaccessibility to law.

According to data collected by a Lawyers’ Collective Team, Maharashtra lags behind in acknowledging domestic violence.

In Maharashtra, there are over 2,500 cases registered till date under the Domestice Violence Act, much fewer than in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, which has over 6000 cases registered.

Yet, Maharashtra is the only state to have as many as 3,667 Protection Officers (PO) appointed under the law to assist the aggrieved person and the court to meet justice.

The survey conducted by the Lawyers Collective found that officers in Maharashtra lack basic understanding of the law.

This is yet Another Gender Biased judgment. No wonder a Highly educated physician, did not approched Police when her so called torture started 12 years Ago. All she wanted a Husband house and handsome compensation every month as news reported, along with child custody.

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  1. how does a young girl with 2 children aged 7 and 4 yrs help herself. regularly beaten by husband and tortured by mother in law and unmarried sis in law. husband very wealthy naking 30 crores a year not talking to wife only abusing her in front of mother, servants and friends.

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