Toy Story 4 in Works, says Tom Hanks

In other good news for children, both inner and standard issue, Pixar is also primed to bring back Woody and the gang for Toy Story 4. When asked about a potential fourth in an interview, Tom Hanks told the BBC, “I think there will be, yeah.

Tom Hanks says a fourth 'Toy Story' film may be made, which would see him reprise his role as Woody the cowboy toy. Would you watch 'Toy Story 4'? Vote in our poll.

Fell in love with the characters back in the first Toy Story. The second was only okay for me, but I sob big buckets of tears every time my boys watch Toy Story 3. Which would amount to approximately 785 times as of yesterday. But, Toy Story 4? Nope. For the funniest & most entertaining news, reviews and interviews by leading industry insiders on movies, tv shows and dvds.

Following critical acclaim, an Oscar for Best Animated Feature and a global box office take of $1063171911, "Toy Story 3" was beyond successful. Combine that gold with the film having ended with Woody and the gang

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