Result of Feminism – Sex Toys to Daughter

eMpower India women with SeX Toys New Agenda of Indian Feminists.
Mumbai: It is not often that custom officials run out of words when questioning a passenger caught for duty evasion. But a middle-aged Indian woman returning from the United States of America rendered the interrogating officers speechless.

An interception by the team of assistant commissioner Sameer Wankhede at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport initiated due to suspected evasion on excessive gold jewellery in her luggage opened a Pandora’s Box which left them red faced in embarrassment.

The woman was found carrying over 60 sex toys and provocative lingerie in commercial quantity apart from too much gold jewellery.

“When her luggage was screened the officials apart from noticing the impression of some jewellery were a little alarmed to see impressions which indicated presence of sex toys in her luggage. When questioned she did not make any mention of the toys but the custom officials had to open her luggage for confirmation,” said a source.

“The lady flew down from Los Angeles in flight number SQ 422. The electronic goods, gold and sex toys found in her possession is evaluated to be worth around eight lakh rupees,” said additional commissioner of Air Intelligence Unit Mahendra Pal.

The explanation given by T Bachu Ali, who claimed to live in Los Angeles for the last 19 years, was bizarre. Ali claimed that all the sex toys and the lingerie in her luggage were a wedding gift for her daughter who would be tying the knot by this month end.

“This is a very implausible explanation to be trusted. Why would anyone want to gift these to a daughter and if at all why in such a huge quantity?” said another customs official.

Why would any mother gift her daughter with sex toys when she is going to marry within a month, this is nothing but raise of feminism in India and making men enuches. common man exclaimed.

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