Enhancing genitals is latest cosmetic surgery trend

Women are showing more interest in having their genital area surgically enhanced, according to the authors of an article in a medical journal on midwifery and gynaecology published in Stuttgart, southern Germany.

Cosmetic surgery to alter the labia is the third most sought-after operation after facial and breast augmentation surgeries, the authors, psychologist Ada Borkenhagen and gynaecologist Heribert Kentenich, said. The new ideal is taken from current photographs in erotic and p0rnographic magazines.

As is the case in breast augmentation, the desired look is youthful. More precisely, the vulva should be completely covered by the labia. Thus, the most common cosmetic surgery among women seeking genital enhancement is the reduction of the labia – the folds of female external genitalia.

The surgery is meant to improve self-confidence and sex. It is even supposed to improve quality of life in general. But these claims are inadequately supported by studies, according to Borkenhagen und Kentenich. Complications cannot be ruled out.

On Internet websites women who have undergone the surgery complain about the healing process of their surgical wounds, numbness, sexual dysfunction and scar tissue.

A reduction of the labia for aesthetic reasons is therefore not recommended. However, the surgery can be helpful for women who have sexual problems or irritation from wearing trousers or playing sports because they have large labia

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