What makes a Terrorist – Triangle of Terror

No one born terrorist, but situation and some events in his life makes him a Terrorist. In thousands years of Earth history many killed their relatives or whole family and officials of Government, whoever troubled them or caused some problem in their life. Most of the such killings or killed are responsible or related each other someway or other, until last 2/3 decades such killings are increased which are no way related to each other and most of them are by stander or innocents. So who kill such innocent for no reason or what are motive behind such mass murders.

There are some random killings of innocent who are witness to some crime; in some of the East Asian, South American and Mexico there are kidnap and murders who are witness to drug related crimes, but motive behind is money and drugs.

Most of the mass Terror murders happens In the Triangle of Terror, the area between Islamabad, Mogadishu and Damascus. Many argued that there are many reasons which make a man Terrorist, so what may be those reasons.

Poverty / Education / Unemployment: if some is poor he will try to work hard and earn at least one decent meal a day for him and his family, there are many examples people born poor or migrated penniless turn millionaires with their efforts most of the time poverty is linked to education and unemployment, if you are illiterate you will not get proper job which earn handsome money and leads to decent confortable living. Today’s most of the governments provide free primary education so Poverty linked to illiteracy should have diminished, there are more schools and educational institutes now than 2/3 decades ago, there are more industries than before and more job opportunities. So poverty will not be reason to turn anyone as a Terrorist, even he turn to a terrorists he will not able to feed hungry mouths of his family by killings innocent.

No matter how poor or uneducated is someone, other cannot make him to be suicide bomber or risk his own like to kill many innocent, coz any dumb can understand if he is dead or caught his family will go hungry and no one is there to feed them.
If someone is unemployed then others can force him to do some nasty things like smuggle drugs or prohibited things which they make them believe they are not caught and they can make some fast money, so he motive is money, they do it coz they want lavish confortable life.

Most People in the triangle of Terror are well educated and living high standard of life, there are more poor countries and people in Africa and East Asia but very few Terrorists came from those areas than triangle of Terror. Everyday more than 100 people are killed in triangle of Terror and majorities are innocent bystanders or Victims of Terrorism.

If someone is opposing his government and its policies then he will do something which effect his government or country, he will not hijack other country airplane which carry foreigners, he will not bomb a meeting place where foreign tourists meet, He will not bomb a Foreign country Embassy or vessel, he will not highjack a plane and crash into other country like 9/11

So what make a Person do all those sort of terrorists activities, it’s none other than Religion and its Teachings, only
Religion can make a Terrorist which kill innocent. Even you are highly educated,
Religion can make you turn violent like Fort hood shootings or New York car Bomb.
Religion has power to brain wash even you are highly educated or well employed.
Religion can make you think far away country is responsible for the situation of the people who follow same religion,
Religion can turn you suicide bomber with which you or your family will not gain anything.
Religion can make you kill just born children, women and helpless men,
Religion can make you slit throat of a man just because he is belong to other religion or not belong to you caste.
Religion can make you to sacrifices your own life for nothing.

Nowadays these Terrorism activities are on rise not because there are few fanatics but because those who belongs to same Religion are not doing enough to STOP people turn into Terrorist, they knows these few fundamentalists bringing BAD name to their religion still they are very slow to act Against it, maybe they are Afraid to die for their religion by stopping terrorists or they silently support Terrorists.

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