Parents Tug-of-war – Child Lands in Police Station

Manipal, Apr 21 : A curious case of a couple hailing from Udyavar, but currently living in Vashi in Navi Mumbai, who had a dispute over their female child, resulting in the ‘issue’ – literally – ending up in the police station has been reported.

Frederick and Cynthia, from Udyavar, now in Mumbai, have a two-year-old daughter. They had a serious tiff some time ago and following it Frederick is said to have walked out of the house taking the child with him. Their whereabouts were not known.

Cynthia, soon after the incident, had filed a complaint against her husband with the Vashi police, accusing him of having stolen the child.

She somehow came to know that he had travelled with the child from Mumbai towards Udupi by train and informed the police in Vashi of it. They in turn got in touch with the Manipal police, who, with the help of the railway police, waited in the Indrali railway station in Udupi on Tuesday. As soon as Frederick was spotted in the compartment he was arrested, and he was brought to the station here with the child.

In the wake of these developments, Cynthia left by train along with the Vashi police on Tuesday and arrived at the police station here. Checking the veracity of the complaint filed in Vashi, the local police handed over the case to them.

The Vashi police took custody of Frederick and the child and returned to Mumbai, accompanied by Cynthia.

It was a grand re-union, all right, but it had some unpleasant overtones.

If Mother run away with child and Father gives complaint, will police take his case…?
thats pathetic situation india. exclaimed poor man.

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