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Dubai, Sep 2An Indian man filed a case in a court in the UAE against his wife, who gave birth to a child in 2010 despite their not having sex for eight years, a media reported said Tuesday.

The man, who is identified only as R.J, 48, said he moved to a new job in Kuwait in 2006 and left his wife and only son in the UAE.

R.J said that last year his friends, who live in the UAE, told him that his wife had given birth to his child in 2010.

“I knew then that she gave birth April 22, 2010, to a boy at the Welcare hospital (Dubai) and registered him under my name – but we hadn’t had sex since 2006 and he could not be my son,” R.J was quoted as saying.

The husband then went to a police station and file a case against his wife, S.S,40, who is a nurse.

She was then charged with having consensual sex with a man other than her husband and having a child with him.

She was also charged with forging the child’s birth certificate by registering him under her husband’s name.

In addition, she was charged with using the forged certificate to obtain a residency visa and UAE identity card for her son.

S.T, 44, who is also an Indian, the biological father of the child, was charged with having consensual sex with the nurse.

Both defendants denied the charges at the Dubai Criminal Court Tuesday morning.

Medical examination confirmed that the defendants were the biological parents of the child.

The next hearing is Sep 23.

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