Women kidnaped herself of Convert

The South Delhi Police have recovered a woman who was so keen to convert to Islam that she staged her own kidnapping.

The woman, a boutique owner from Nagpur, who was reportedly kidnapped from Dilli Haat here, was spotted in Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh and brought back to the Capital on Thursday.

Varsha Kangra was reported missing from Dilli Haat on June 25 by her husband.

“She was inclined towards to a particular religion and wanted to convert which was objected to by her husband. We found out that she was constantly in touch with several people in Lucknow and Bareilly. This input led to her rescue,” said deputy commissioner of police (South) HGS Dhaliwal.

Varsha, her husband Jitendra Kangra and their adopted son had come to the city on vacation and had gone to Dilli Haat along with her cousin.

“Varsha and her cousin went to a washroom and after sometime, Jitendra called her on her mobile phone. Varsha said she had sent her cousin to fetch him. But when he reached near the washroom, he could not find her,” added Dhaliwal.

A little while later, Jitendra received a call from his wife who told him that she had been kidnapped by two-three persons and was inside the boot of their car. After that her cellphone was switched off.

The police conducted raids in the NCR on the basis of information given by the police.

“During interrogation of her relatives and husband, it was found that Varsha had been inclined towards to a particular religion soon after her marriage and wanted to convert but her husband had opposed it. It was further revealed that she was constantly in touch with several people in Lucknow and Bareilly,” added Dhaliwal.

The police said Varsha had gone to UP to find ways to convert to the religion of her choice. The police then shifted their focus to the two cities and found Varsha in Bareilly

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