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Varun/वरुण/Varuna/Crataeva nurvala/Three Leafed Caper


Varun Plant
Hindi Name: Varun
Sanskrit Name: Varuna
English Name: Three Leafed Caper
Latin Name: Crataeva nurvala Buch-Ham
A moderate sized deciduous tree found wild but also cultivated throughout India. Bark of the tree is used in Ayurveda.

Crataeva Nurvala Medicinal Uses

Varuna (the God of water) attains its name in Sanskrit because of its effect on the bodily fluids and urinary system. It is recommended by the Ayurveda in the treatment of various urinary problems including stones in kidney, ureters and bladder. Brief investigations on Varuna suggest it for its urinary, antiseptic and litholytic (stone breaking) actions.

Chemical Composition

Triterpenoids lupeol and varunol have been isolated from the roots and stem bark. Leaves yield flavonoids including rutin, quercetin and isoquercetin.

Effect on

Pacifies kapha and vata, promotes pitta.
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