Veiled Women Attack Man

Sharjah: A family were in for a shock recently when a woman attacked one of their male family members and tried to rob him in the elevator of their residential building.

Nikhil Joseph, the nephew of the victim, explained that the building is not equipped with CCTV and while it has a watchman, there are no security guards to monitor the premises.

Being on the watch
“These types of incidents are waiting to happen and unless action is taken, this will keep happening and something worse might occur. We informed the real estate company and they asked us to be on watch,” said Joseph.

The incident took place last on Saturday at a building in Butina at around 6.15am. Joseph’s uncle, Joy E., 48, was on his way to work when a woman in a veil entered the elevator.

“She snatched a bag from my uncle and was trying to get hold of his wallet and watch. My uncle is strong and tried to resist her attacks, and when the elevator stopped on the first floor he ran out,” Joseph pointed out. The watchman was not there when his uncle reached the ground floor.

“During the struggle, my uncle managed to lift the veil of the person and saw the face was indeed of a woman. We heard such incidents happening in other buildings as well,” he said, although Joseph did not report the matter to police.

While cases of men harassing and robbing women in elevators is not uncommon, police said that women attacking men has been unheard of.

An official at Sharjah Police headquarters emphasised that residents need strong evidence if they want to open a police case of an attack or a robbery, regardless whether the victim is a man or woman.

“People can be malicious and we cannot open a case based only on their word. There should at least be witnesses or video footage from the CCTV,” said the police official.

He further explained that cases such as these should be reported, because police will then have a record of the complaint.

Unrelated people
“If we receive a number of cases where victims have been attacked and robbed by a woman, and these incidents happened to unrelated people, then we will follow up the matter and carry out an investigation.”

The police official added that landlords should fix CCTVs at the building’s entrance, in staircases and in elevators, and urged residents to take precautions and not enter an elevator when strangers are inside.

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