Child raised by dogs found

Moscow, July 2 (RIA Novosti) The Russian police have found a child who has been raised by dogs, a media report said Thursday.

The police found six-year-old Veronika Tishchenko and three adults dogs in a house in Vyazemsky town in Russia’s Far East some days ago, Ren TV reported.

The girl was unable to speak and had spent her time playing with the dogs in her home, the report said. Two years ago Veronika’s brother was killed by dogs.

Meanwhile, the girl has been shifted to a social rehabilitation centre, where the doctors found her to be in good health, but with retarded growth.

Veronika’s mother reportedly left the home some days ago to collect berries from a nearby forest.

In June, the police in East Siberia brought charges against the parents of another girl, five-year-old Natasha. The girl, dubbed Mowgli by the press, lived with dogs and is currently being treated in a social-rehabilitation centre.

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