Mumbai Aftermath – What People think.

These are comments posted elsewhere on internet; these are not publisher / writer views. This is what ordinary think about this mumbai mayhem. These are collection of statements from different individuals.

This Selected comments about, what people think and whom to blame.

It is clearly established 29 out of the 40 are from Pakistan 11 are from Bangladesh. They are all muslims. Islamic fundamentalism. What is their motives behind targeting jews, americans, british.

Those who complain against America should remember one thing. Radical Islam started way back in 9th century AD when America was inhabitated by Native Indians. This menance continued during the Mughal empire in India under which Hindus have suffered humiliation of their religion and systematic destruction of their places of worship. This hatred reached its peak during India Pakistan Partition in which over 1.5 million people are killed.

What is always predictable after such an attack are the vaguely worded fake words of sympathy from the Muslim countries & organizations about “Muslims don’t kill innocents”, with the dog-whistle and sly message that if you are innocent in their definition, you will not be killed.

“are u sure Quran says to kill those ‘non-believers’? ” Koran/Quran indeed teaches killing non-Muslims. Here is

one verse for you which Islamic Terrorists quote over and over again: “…And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers.” Quran 2:191
There are several such verses in Quran and the Hadith is even worse!

yes all muslims are so fundamentalist,they just deny existence of Land Mass israel, just because they are jews, not because these muslim countries lost their land in fight,The so called land of Palestine is devided in to jordan and syria, and these muslims will not demand that land back from them, coz they are inslamist countries,they only creat trouble in lebanon and israel,coz they are Christian and jews.

Want to have some insight into Islam, the Religion of Peace? Look at the top news stories from:
There’s plenty more. I think you’re starting to get the picture. There is no moderate Islam. When is the last time you saw Muslims march for Peace? Women’s rights? Nope! Slavery? OK by Islam! Killing anyone whose religion is different than Islam ?

That’s OK too! Rape? OK if it’s for Islam! Terrorism? Once again, OK if it’s for Islam! Music – mostly illegal. Movies – mostly outlawed. Books – only allowed to read what the local Islamic theocracy says you can. Islamic terror was not started by the USA. It’s been going on for decades. The USA is one of the few countries willing to stand up to the growing Islamic threat. You people who blame and hate the USA will be the first people screaming for them to come and help you when Islam takes over, locks down and starts killing your country.

All that you people need to do is read your korans and the truth will come out. Christians and Jews are “people of the book” because they worship the same god as Mohammed. According to that book, Christians & Jews are, at best, 2nd class citizens (Surah IX verses 29-35). Just Google “jizya” or “dhimitude” and see what you get. The politheistic Hindus aren’t afforded this courtesy, they’re just slaughtered. If Islam is so tolerant, try taking a bible into Saudi Arabia or openly convert from Islam to another religion in an Islamic country without the threat of death. I like how if you question the koran you’re automatically an “islamophobe”. Yeah, lets namecall instead of debating the facts. If wanting to protect my family from savages who still live in the 7th Century makes me an islamophobe, then so be it!

In response to the comments that Islam = Terrorism I would like to make a couple of points. There are plenty of non-muslim terrorists. I’m British and I was in my home town of Manchester when some distinctly non-muslim terrorists decided to bomb the main shopping centre in the city (IRA / Catholics). And the Troubles were not without Protestant atrocities either. Spain has recently suffered bomb attacks from non-Muslim separatist fighters (ETA ). The Tamil Tigers who have bombed and fought a bloody battle in Sri Lanka are predominantly Hindu as were the perpetrators of previous bomb attacks in India.

IRA/ETA/Tigers fighting for land their share not for religion

this is top political game by BJP, RSS, Bajrangdal, VHP & other fanatic HINDU groups to deviate the hidden fact by SADVI in MALEGOAN & other Blast in India. this present attack is like a contract given to the “Int. Terrorist group” & the subcontractor are these small groups to attacked our mumbai. the main terrorist group is the BJP along with are many top brand political names. and more than 75 % files are opened by MR.KARKARE (ATS chief “may god rest his solve in peace”) & his group members. just think within short period all the best ATS officers are killed. just think a small terrorist group will never have best plan with best ammunition to attack mumbai. unneccessary names of some terror groups and stupid Pakistan is taken. Pakistan is itself not in position to save his ASS from home civil riots. Sir INDIANS and Media are quite educated to think about the deviation politican turn by this attack. BJP anyhow never wants Peace in India. if thruthfully officer like Karkare comes in front more new terror files of BJP will be opened. BUT ITS WRITTEN IN HOLY BOOKS OF EVERY RELIGION, SATAN HAS CHALLENGED TO GOD THAT HE WILL LOOK INTO HOW GOD IS IN PEACE. Dear religion brothers of united india, today satan is BJP and god is our motherland.

Muslim love to blame,everything on USA,because they support israel cause, coz USA army is there in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN,but if you say, you are giving him GREEN CARD TO USA, they die to go there or any European countries.

The only way Muslim Terrorism will cease, is when good Muslims stand up and take back their religion from the extremists. No more picking and choosing what you agree or don’t agree with the extremists views. Terrorists are terrorists. Stop rationalizing their acts. If the good Muslims don’t eraticate this disease themselves, then stop complaining how the rest of the world will handle it.

With this recent event, not only Muslims must stand up but the Pakistani people must stand up to these individuals and organizations that hide amongst them. Stop using cultural and 1000 year old greviences as an excuse to target tourists. If the infidels are so evil why do the terrorists use the infidels cell phones, bombs, Ak-47’s, internet, TV, cars, airplanes, clothes, laptops, radios, etc …?

In 1985 the calcutta high court after detailed hearing had actually decided to ban this book-as direct incitement to kill non muslims- but the then govt after a lot of protests by muslim -dropped it–see details in google-refer below- can any radical leader & priest dare to deny this openly???

Calcutta Quran Petition ( to ban Quran in India)
Reader comment on article: Is Allah God?
Submitted by Burton (United States), Dec 2, 2005 at 15:23
Pasted from “Negation in India” by Keonraad Elst.
In 1985 Chandmal Chopra filed a petition with the Calcutta high Court, asking for a ban on the Quran. He added a list with reprehensible verses from the Quran: 29 assages from the Quran (1 to 8 verses in length) that incite violence against unbelievers, 15 which promote enmity, 26 which insult other religions.

If muslims talk about thier religion is good then they have to stop these fundamentalist, if not every muslim should treated as terrorist, or else India,Isreal or USA has right to BOMB all thse muslim countries

So there are people who are still stupid enough to the US/ISRAEL thing is to blame for this? Radical Islamic fanaticism has existed before the Unites States ever did. If you live in the United States, and you think this is our fault, there’s the door. Go live overseas, get a library card, do some research. Maybe you’ll learn to appreciate this country when you’re not a part of it.

It’s about time we fought fire with fire and eliminated these people off the face of the earth. I’m a lifelong democrat, and God help me, I hate the thought of war as much as the next guy, but come on. The only thing these subhuman animals believe in is hatred and violence, and, brave souls that they are, they take it out on the innocent: surprise attacks on civilians. There’s not a more cowardly, gutless act ever conceived. And because these heathens don’t have the resources or bravery to do otherwise, they need to prove their own worth in this world by attacking those not equipped or prepared to fight.

My heart goes out to these victims. If India takes action, I will be steadfastly behind them 100%. If I could press the button that wipes this filth off of this planet , I would gladly take that responsibility and not miss a second of sleep. I’m sick and tired of a worthless, disgusting, immoral group of fanatics running around like gutless thugs trying to ruin our world. As I said before, I’m a lifelong democrat and I hate the situation my county is in, but I am getting sick and tired of this. It pains me that I feel this way.

Enough is enough. Like a previous poster said, I am sad, but not afraid. It’s time we unite and take action. Anyone who feels differently might as well line up alongside these killers, and get the hell out of our way.

These are general views after Attack on Mumbai;

Your views are welcome….

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