Harassed husbands want ministry for men’s welfare

NEW DELHI: If you can have a ministry for animal welfare, why not one for the welfare of men — this was the demand raised by a number of ‘harassed’
husbands at a meeting here on the occasion of International Men’s Day.

“Laws should be gender neutral. The domestic violence and harassment laws are lopsided against men,” said Swarup Sarkar, co-ordinator, Save Family Foundation, an NGO espousing the men’s cause.

Their basic demand was the establishment of a Men’s Welfare Ministry on lines of Women and Child Development Ministry to look into their problems.

There are multiple organisations catering to the fairer sex who also get huge international funding but men get a raw deal in this respect, they said.

“Statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau for the year 2005-2006 show that twice as many married men commit suicide then married woman. But while women deaths are looked into, men’s case are wrapped up as suicide due to financial problems,” said Sarkar.

“We are not saying that ignore women but men’s genuine problems should also be understood,” he added.

President of Gender Rights Society Sandeep Bhartia said programmes on “men’s rights” are being held all over India in major cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune, Nagpur and Delhi.

The “International Men’s Day” was first mooted by Mikhail Gorbachev in 1999. Though it is not recognised by the United Nations yet, it is celebrated on different days in various parts of the world. In India and Australia it is celebrated on November 19.

3 thoughts on “Harassed husbands want ministry for men’s welfare

  1. I agree with the ideas in this article and wish this must be heard by gov,t. too.
    Moreover what I experienced is this law 498-A is misued more by women’s family then by women herself to harrass and get the men’s family act as they wish.
    With help of this unlawful law women’s get a superior citizenship then men and women misuse a lot.
    We all should do much things to stop misuse of this type of laws.
    A patni pidit (Patni pariwar pidit)
    Dinesh Dave

  2. I agree with this article.
    We combindly and individually should do much more to stop this misuse of law by women and its family for harrassment of Bechara Pati.
    Dinesh Dave

  3. Men are also human being and have a right their pleas to be heard by their secular society. Ministry for Men welfare is fundamental right which ought to be given yet! WE DONT WANT THIRD WORLD COUNTRY FOR MEN!

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