Who is bringing western culture to India?

India, the land of admired spirituality and upscale knowledge, had ever safeguarded it’s eminence, reputation and individuality, being united an unique irrespective of the encircling varieties. The nation has been depicted before the international community as the ‘dove of peace.’

However, today India is no more known for it’s worth praising contributions on the realms of knowledge and scientific excellence or spiritual revolutions. But, is known as a mere supplier of cheap workforce and as a tolerant nation to any sort of bull-work, but for few bucks.
In older times, undoubtedly, India had the ‘Indian-ness’ everywhere in the nation. Recently I had a late night-walk across the famous ‘Brigade Road’ in Bangalore and for a while I was in a delusion as if I had landed up at a busy street in Europe, but I couldn’t call it Europe too… somewhere midway between India and Europe.
Dear Indians, who told you that denuding Indian women will bring western culture to India?
Girls aged seventeen or eighteen were walking lazily, hand in hand with guys who looked bummed out. To delineate the dressing style, oh! I should not call it dress, because few inches of garment cannot help the purpose of dress or clothing. There half opened eyes conveyed me the amount of alcohol they had consumed, in clear terms. And I am sure, if I would have asked any one of them ‘why do you be like this?, their burning eyes could have asked me in return, are you from stone age?
We, the Indian youth have learned to speak better English, we learned to select cloths on brand names and also have tamed our taste buds to American Pizza or Chinese Burger, but pathetically failed to understand what differentiate India an Europe. Every Indian is crazy about western lifestyle, western food, western dressings and western culture. But while mimicking the ‘westernity’, we never try to understand the upper class values they maintain or the civilised ways they follow.
Indian TV channels give petty, filthy, barnyard demonstrations of the catchpenny culture of Indian minds. ‘MTV’, one of the popular music channels in India has launched a programme named ‘Roadies’, which is an on-field show. The channel had telecasted the interview conducted to select anchors for the show, I suggest all of you, if you want to learn brand new ‘slangs’, watch the programme.

If you want to learn the lessons of abuse and misbehaving, watch the programme. The channel also has invented a revolutionary idea of anchoring, that is ‘theme anchoring’. Theme anchoring is nothing but setting a particular theme on scene and anchoring fitting to the scene. The latest is a ‘bathroom theme’, in which the lady anchor was sitting amidst bathtub, closet and wash basins, wearing nothing but a bath towel. Stay tuned… much more to be expected from the reputed channel.
To understand the difference between European culture and the so called Indian culture, let us switch on the TV again. Almost every Indian channel has road shows, in which the conductors may come to you as cops or mad men to tease you to the extreme, and when Indians are teased, the grow angry and you may even see people beating the anchors. Now for a while tune to a famous channel called ‘Pogo’, which also has number of teasing programmes. I haven’t ever watched any European slapping the conductors or scolding them, but joining them with an out burst of laugh. This is what makes Indians always Indians and Europeans always Europeans.
Dear Indians, who told you that denuding Indian women will bring western culture to India? How have you mis-conceptualized that being arrogant and intolerant will help you to mimic foreign civilisation? What made you thinking that few vulgar words and ‘slangs’ are the essence of English language?
European culture and lifestyle is far beyond all these, and it is true to say that they are 350 yeas ahead to India with regards to every aspect. But with no inspirations and ambitions, but with petty mimicking skills, India reached behind 350 years, instead heading ahead. The most painful fact is that we are blind enough to see the realities and are still in search of shorter and shorter cloths and uncivilized slangs!

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