Widow harassed by drunken youth, remanded


India has ?30 million widows, who are vulnerable elements at the mercy of wicked people. In a fitting example, a drunkard who made a pass at a widow was arrested. He should be punished strongly, and then followed up regularly to see whether he is still harassing the widow.
Keeping in mind this vast population of widows, there has to be a separate widow protection organization, to ensure that widows get their inheritance from their husband’s personal wealth, and that they are not harassed by society.

Youngster caught trying to molest widow, remanded
7 Jan 2009

CHENNAI: A 21-year old man was remanded in custody by the city police on Tuesday for attempting to rape a widow who was alone at her home in Gandhi Street, Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Velachery. The youngster was caught and handed over to the police.

According to police, Chitra (name changed), a 25-year-old widow and mother of three children was alone at home when the incident happened. Chitra was waiting for her children to return when K Kanniyappan, known to her since they work at the same site, entered her hutment. Despite her protests, he attempted to make a pass on her and sexually exploit her. Chitra raised cries for help hearing which neighbours and passersby rushed inside the house. They noticed her plight and caught hold of the Kanniyappan.

Kanniyappan was given a through beating and handed over to the Velachery police. The police registered a case against him and placed him in judicial custody. “The man was in a drunken state and attempted to molest the woman. Her neighbours were quick to react and caught him just in time before he could do any harm. It is unfortunate that woman who are vulnerable are exploited further. We have registered a case against him and are investigating. Strict action will be taken against any such perpetrators,” a police official said.

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