Wife gives supari to get man killed

The Antop Hill police have arrested a 51-year-old woman who had allegedly planned to give a contract to get her husband killed. The co-accused in the case is a 41-year-old man with whom she was allegedly having an extramarital affair.
According to police, the accused Ratnam Devendra and co-accused Arumugam Harijan had planned to get Ratnam’s husband Vadiwel killed.
In November last year, the two contacted a common friend Pirmai Devendra to get him killed by a tantrik.
Pirmai then called Suresh Pujari, a tantrik, at her residence. When he came to Pirmai’s residence, he heard Ratnam and Arumugam telling Pirmai about their plan to get Vadiwel killed by him. For the job, they had also brought Rs20,000 and were going to pay Rs1.8 lakh after the job was done. But Suresh refused to do the job.
Arumugam and Ratnam then threatened Suresh that if he told anyone else about the plot, they would get him killed as well. Suresh could not keep mum for long and told Vadiwel about it in May this year. Vadiwel then filed a complaint application with the Antop hill police.
After conducting enquiries, a case was registered against Ratnam and Arumugam. Ratnam was arrested on Saturday, while the other accused has been absconding.

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