Wife, MBA student held for killing man

GHAZIABAD: Police on Saturday night arrested four people for the murder of one Rajpal Patwari on June 23. Among those arrested was the victim’s wife who allegedly paid Rs 50,000 to contract killers to eliminate her husband.

One of the alleged contract killers is an MBA student of a Ghaziabad technical college.

According to the police, on Saturday night they nabbed Vijay Kumar and Rambir, both of Mainpuri, following electronic surveillance.

On interrogation the duo revealed they had been offered Rs 50,000 by one Sanjay and Rajpal’s wife Jyoti to kill Rajpal because he was coming in the way of her relationship with Sanjay.

Sanjay then revealed that on June 23, Rajpal had said he was going to buy a plot in Ram Shyam Enclave. Sanjay went there with him in the latter’s car. Rambir and Vijay Kumar were already waiting there, as Sanjay had arranged.

Once there, Sanjay and Rambir shot Rajpal once each with a pistol. And Vijay Kumar, an MBA student, hit him on the head with a brick for good measure. Then all three assailants returned to Rajpal’s home in the latter’s car.

Police have arrested the three men for murder, while Rajpal’s wife has been arrested for entering into a conspiracy to murder her husband.

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