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NEW DELHI: For most of the Indian men marriage is the only way to have sex, and Women know this and they use sex as a Blackmailing tool to control and dominate their husband, if anything goes wrong in marriage everyone will listen to women sob story only and beleive her. After spending millions for the wishes of wife and when men do not get good sex even once a week, any man go crazy and endup taking extreme step like killing or commit suicide. Women know how to Blackmail, irritate men and make him dance for whatever she wanted, most of the time these instructions comes from Wifes mother without thinking men can for any extreme step.
here is the latest news how men of India harassed, Blackmailed by their wives.

For decades, everyone know Indian men are harassed by false cases like dowry Act, ipc 498a, DVA and others but this kind of the stories hardly comes out from bedroom as Indian men do not discuss their plight and suffer silently.

The introductory posthumous report of Amit Bachchan, the nerd who was discovered dead at his Dwarka level at an opportune time Sunday, uncovers that he kicked the bucket as a consequence of hanging. This implies he had conferred suicide and the link utilized by Amit to kill himself snapped because of his weight or not having tied the first bunch hard. Link wires don’t structure into a bunch effortlessly, police said.

The police have recorded the statement of his wife, Shivani, who charged that Amit attempted to drive himself on her while she was thinking about Saturday night and when she opposed, he began thumping her. This battle turned rough that at long last prompted Amit’s suicide, a senior officer said.

Shivani, who is at present conceded in a Dwarka healing center, has likewise blamed Amit for having an additional conjugal undertaking and told police they had not been on talking terms. Shivani, her family said, doesn’t know yet that Amit was dead. The specialists have exhorted the family not to uncover any points of interest to her, which can influence her recuperation.

The specialists said her condition weakened on Monday evening yet was out of risk. She supported cut wounds separated from gruff wounds delivered on her with a moving pin and other utensil.

The family says that pressure had been stewing between the couple following their marriage. “They had hitched against family’s wishes through a marriage site. The battle began since their wedding trip when she had initially declined to have a physical association with him,” said a relative.

Amit’s family says he attempted to conform to her requests yet it was without much of any result. “He even moved to Dwarka from Mayur Vihar where his in-laws existed. Shivani did not stay home during the evening and went to her guardians’ home. More awful, she never consumed or cooked at home and for the most part requested nourishment from outside. She additionally undermined Amit that she would go to the cops against him.” says Amit’s sister, Trisha.

Amit’s mom, Chandrakanta, said that Shivani used to get back late from office furthermore made Amit do the family unit tasks, including washing her garments.

“When I ceased him from doing her work, he said that he needed peace in his life. At the same time this lady did not let him live in peace. I don’t accept he submitted suicide,” she said.

Parents of Shivani Patni, who was purportedly cut by her spouse Amit Bachchan before he killed himself, have claimed that he would get to be forceful at whatever point she didn’t surrender to his interest of building physical closeness.

Shivani’s dad Ashok guaranteed that her girl had trusted this to her gang. He included that despite the fact that their little girl’s conjugal life hadn’t been the smoothest, they never expected that Amit would make an extraordinary stride.

“Shivani had specified to me on a prior event that Amit got extremely forceful when it came to physical relationship. He would drive himself on her actually when she was languid. I recommended that she talked about the matter with her mom,” he said.

The lady in her announcement to police has purportedly uncovered that the episode occurred simply because she declined to have intercourse with him on Saturday night.

Till Sunday night, Shivani’s guardians did not break the news of her spouse’s passing to her dreading it would influence her recuperation.

Amit, who worked for ION Trading organization in Noida, and Shivani, who is utilized at a business travel administration organization in Gurgaon, wedded one another in November a year ago. The match had been settled through an online marriage gateway.

Despite the fact that the lady’s family asserted that she was a piece of the choice making process and had provided for her finish agree to the marriage, Amit’s sister Trisha faulted Shivani and her guardians for the issue in the couple’s relationship.

“They were fighting even on their special night in Singapore. She had hypertension and would ill-use Amit over the smallest of issues. He just tried endeavors to placate her,” said Trisha.

Their mom Chandrakanta, who was secured her room, said she woke up around 2 a.m. to go to the can, however discovered the entryway bolted from outside.

“I shouted to Amit and Shivani, however there was no reaction. The main sounds I heard were a few strides as I attempted to open the entryway,” she told writers.

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