Motorcycle accident and sexual harassment

Lucknow, Aug 10 A Class 11 student in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat district had a nightmarish experience with the police when his motorcycle accidentally hit a woman’s car. He claims he was accused of sexual harassment, beaten up and paraded half-naked on the streets.

On Sunday, the teenager was injured when he accidentally rammed his motorcycle into a woman’s car in Baraut town in Baghpat, some 350 km from here. This led to a heated argument between the boy and the young woman.

The policemen present at the site allegedly abused the boy and said they would teach him a lesson. He claimed that they took off his shirt and wrote “Main ladkiya cherta hun” (I am an eve teaser) on his back and chest.

“They forcibly removed my shirt, tied my hands with it and wrote insulting remarks on my chest and back. Then I was forced to parade through various localities,” the teenager told reporters.

It was only after some local journalists intervened that the police set the teenager free.

The district police chief has now ordered a probe into the matter.

“The media has brought the matter to my attention. Once the investigation is completed, stern action would be taken against the erring policemen,” Superintendent of Police Deepak Kumar told media over phone.

Now women has excuse when she make a mistake. i am sure she is the one who hit the Motorcycle

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    it would be better if Media reports (newspaper) where these items first published are also put as link at the bottom of SH blogs of yours for authenticity.

    From above 4-5 SH reportings here it is not bvery clear if they actuall happened as no Media (newspaper) name is mentiones.

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