Woman kills complaining husband in Jharkhand

Ranchi, April 21: A woman in Jharkhand killed her husband with an axe after he complained about the stale dinner, police said Sunday.

According to the police, Chamni and her husband, Buran Munda, residents of Harbul village located around 25 km from Ranchi, together drank `hadia‘ (local liquor) Friday night.

She served dinner to her husband, who complained that the food was stale. Irked, Chamni picked up an axe and hacked her husband to death. Her four children witnessed the crime.

“Chamni had some quarrel with her husband (Friday) evening. Later, they consumed liquor together. Her husband complained about the quality of food that angered her. She picked up an axe and hacked Munda to death,” said Ravikant Kumar, officer in charge of Nomkom police station.

Chamni then informed villagers about the incident. But when the effect of alcohol waned, she denied killing her husband.

She confessed to the crime during questioning by the police and has been sent to jail.

Hadia, a locally brewed liquor, is closely associated with tribal culture and tradition.

I Donot think An Indian women can kill, her own husband…

2 thoughts on “Woman kills complaining husband in Jharkhand

  1. sunitha madam

    I know many feminists, no one argue like this. No one will write like this. Because it is very clear that she killed her husband even she also confessed. But you are telling no Indian women kill husband.

    I am sure, you are not feminist, in fact you are trying to defame feminists.Every one can guess this easily, so don’t try this way. Many people know how feminists argue,they will take one serious case (most probably genuine) and support biased laws, that is the feminists way of arguing.

  2. Hi Sunitha,

    A lot of Indian Woman are killing not just the husband but the entire husband’s family by using IPC498a section.

    I think you cannot generalize and say that all Indian woman are so good. You only need to visit the above website to understand how greedy, vicious and nasty some Indian woman can become just for nothing and also make other woman and elders suffer :(. What do you call these woman ?

    Regards, cool.

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