Woman poisons her three children, herself

Patna, May 4 A woman killed her three children by giving them poison and then committed suicide by consuming it in a Bihar village, police sources said Saturday.

Bhagwani Devi, in her 30s, ended her life along with her three children by consuming poison at Muzoli village in Bhojpur district, about 60 km from here, after a heated dispute at home.

Her neighbours told the police that hours before the incident, she had a quarrel with her husband.

4 thoughts on “Woman poisons her three children, herself

  1. It has been seen with the increasing frequency women are using children to get even with their husbands. While NCW created pro-women laws, child welfare ministry does not even bother for children.

    Why is there not any children specific law, any initiatives to stop such acts by parents.

    Now such law will be created because children’s ministry is run by feminists who will oppose any good law that goes against a guilty woman.

  2. It is a birthright of indian women to kill her kids and move scot free.

    It is the right that our feminist judiciary has given to women.

    The second name of feminism is child killing and moving scot free.

    Our child minister has all the time to open her mouth on Arushi muder case but not on this.

    She is working towards creating fatherless society.

    Ram Balak

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