Womb For SALE – Surrogate mothers of India.

I was Reading, one of the Online News Articles about surrogate mothers from INDIA; Now its growing trend to RENT a womb to a unknown person.

I just wonder how can a INDIAN women, RENT her womb, and just ignore, her own Blood and never see her child again. As a Mother I know,after carring for 9 months, it is not that easy to forget my child.

what make these indian women, give “WOMB FOR SALE
Are they heartless;
Or its another way to make fast money; as per my knowledge some women get upto 20,000$ for 9 month labour; which, In India,they cann`t earn in 9 Years.

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3 thoughts on “Womb For SALE – Surrogate mothers of India.

  1. This surrogate mothers are so much more noble in making money since they at least labour 9 months. The are nobler than those legal terrorists who make money by extortion after getting married to a guy threatening him with false harassment and dowry cases.

    May be our legal councellors should suggest that these legal terrorists be rehabilitated as surrogate womb employees- they at least will make money while doing a noble job of hosting a baby, for another family to be happy.

  2. I am responding to the lady who said that the women in India are heartless.

    All I can say is people should do their research a little better before they open their mouths to degrade or insult others.

    Indian woman see this as helping others and also as providing a needed service. They are not tied to the baby in anyway. They do not use their own eggs but the fetus is already created and implanted into them. They are not genetically linked to the baby.

    I commend the women in India for providing infertile couples from all over the world the joy of holding their own babies in their arms (something that seems to be difficult to do in their own countries including in the US). And since they not only give the greatest gift in the world, they also get to provide a better future for their families with the money that they receive as compensation.

    To me that is a win win situation and it is something that the Indian women can be proud of.

    I feel that as women we should be ashamed of ourselves for not banning together and supporting each other but are always ready to tear each other apart. If woman realized the power of their words they probably would not be so quick to use them in judgment.

    To the lady I am answering please take a moment to think how you would feel if you had no children and could not conceive. An Indian Surrogate would look mighty good to you then and you would not say she was heartless because you would want her to help you make your dreams come true.

    I am a Hellene (something to look up) raised in NY, a true American. I happen to love the Indian people and all I have to say to them is thank you and NAMASTE!

  3. Indian women can only think about others. How can u even think or say heartless for somone who is giving here own blood to others who struggle for yrs to get a kid.
    even we are a childless couple since 15yrs,my wife cannot conceive so do i throw here out as non indian or foreigners do and we are searching for a surrogate,but its a destiny that we are settled here out of india, and cannot get to go for surrogate.
    infact indian man and women have a heart which no other non indians can have.these surrogates can resemble to gods also for a childless couple.
    we have seen most of the world, at arab countries, they marry 4 official times and unofficial no record. in western countries, the couple have there own living style man and women will sleep with anyone other then the partner they are committed to.
    atleast indian man and women,specially hindus are committed to there relationship with a single lady , as they cannot marry 4-5 times or they wont sleep with different partners other than their lady.

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