Women’s entry in Sabarimala: Controversy takes new turn

Kochi, Oct 14: The Kerala High Court on Thursday, Oct 13 stayed the state government’s order which allowed prosecution of the astrologer Parappanangadi Unnikrishnan. The court order has resumed the controversy over women’s entry in Sabarimala Temple.

The astrologer, who was the first accused in the case, was related to the Kannada actress, Jayamala who allegedly outraged religious feelings over allegedly touching Lord Ayyappa in the hill shrine.

The actress has been accused for touching Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala Temple in 1987. Jayamala was 27-year-old at that time. According to rules and religious belief, women, aged between 10-50 years, can not enter the temple or into the shrine.

According to media reports, Justice NK Balakrishnan stayed the home department order allowing prosecution of the astrologer. The lawyer representing the accused had showed that a division bench of the court had earlier found that the final report by the police had, in fact, been done after the limitation period and that the court could not take cognizance of the matter after such a delay.

The counsel challenged the prosecution sanction granted by the state government and argued that Jayamala’s visit was not illegal as the law of the temple had allowed entry of women until 1991.

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