Elderly women has no rights in India

In This age of Modern women,there is no place and respect for old women in india.

This Trend is strongly supported by NCR (National commission for women) who support young and prertty women only.

NCW / Judiciary or government will not support or help old women, whos son was harassed by Daughter in laws. Refer Many such Stories here http://498a.blogvis.com.

If any women Approch Women commission or NCW, they say, old women problems will not comes under thier mandate. Refer this Story Letter To CJI

and here is latest Real Story.

JALPAIGURI: At 87, Hiranprabha Bhowmick wanted to enjoy her twilight years in peace. After all, her six sons were well-off and surely, they wouldn

2 thoughts on “Elderly women has no rights in India

  1. “Elderly women has no rights in India”
    —– If we ask same question to our Renuka aunti she will say that elderly women has no right to live.
    —- This is a abusrd country and absurd law makers.
    —– The whole system in india is against good women, good man, family, elders and children.

    —– India is a worst place to live due to legal terrorism and insensivity of our judiciary towards family welfare and child rights.

    Shame on india who do not respect elders in the society.

    Shame india-shame!!

    Ram Balak

  2. our mother should not make property. she should make bank balace , let her own son fight there own way

    toadys modern wives thats why looking well settled husband by showing her education and buity.

    so at the end of breakage of marriage they should get handsome money or otherwise get rich slave husband.

    better to die and donoate all money to old shleter home

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