Women hired to get wife killed

BANGALORE: If you thought only men took supari to kill, you are mistaken. Even as the city came to terms with the arrest of the first woman serial killer Mallika alias Kempamma a few months ago, the arrest of three young women contract killers gives rise to apprehensions whether women are safe even among women.

Shockingly, a husband gave a supari to his girlfriend to eliminate his wife. Chandra Layout police arrested Rohini alias Nalini (20), Meghana alias Kavya (22) and Pallavi (25). They stabbed Anitha (37), a housewife, for Rs 2 lakh.
According to the police, Prakash Kumar of Adarshanagar, a real estate dealer, allegedly had affairs with many women, which led to frequent quarrels with Anitha. A week ago, in the heated quarrel, Anita threatened to walk out of the house.

At this point, Prakash thought of eliminating Anitha and decided to give a contract to his girlfriend Nalini who

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  1. Really a new role for the ABALA NAARI. Madam Renuka Choudhury will definitely find some ways to protect these hired killers.


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