Women Reservation – AI Plane landed on Tail

This is what happens if they are promoted just becasue of Women, under eMpower women. Govt should think whom to give authority else it will cost so many peoples innocent Life.


MUMBAI: The Air India commander who piloted the aircraft that had a tail strike while landing at Mumbai airport on Monday was, by all accounts, not proficient enough for the job. Promoted a few weeks ahead of Women’s Day despite a poor track record, there are allegations that this was a gender-related concession.

On Monday, Air India’s Ahmedabad-Mumbai flight AI614 was seconds away from touchdown when its tail hit the runway, causing considerable damage to the aircraft. That the tail of an A319 aircraft should hit the runway when landing has come as a shock to the aviation industry. Unlike other aircraft such as the A321 or the B737-800, an A319 is comparatively shorter and consequently, its nose has to be heavily pitched up for its tail to strike the ground. “It is close to impossible to do a tail strike on aircraft like A319 and B737-600 because of the short fuselage length,” said Capt M Ranganathan, an air-safety expert (see box). Said a source: “After the descent when the aircraft is over the runway, its nose is pitched upwards at an angle of about seven degrees. In this case, the angle was as high as 18 degrees.” This detail will be confirmed only after the Directorate General of Civil Aviation’s (DGCA) investigation into the accident is complete.

Aviation minister Ajit Singh has sought a report from DGCA on the tail strike. “There are standard operating procedures for every flight process, and a slight deviation from them due to improper pilot training can lead to a disaster,” Singh told reporters in Delhi on Tuesday. “There are norms and procedures which have to be followed.”

Airline sources said the pilot had undergone training to become a commander, the highest position in the cockpit, over a year ago. “But she fared poorly in her command checks-so, though she had a Pilot-in-Command (PIC) endorsement on her license, Air India was careful enough to roster her with other commanders and not with co-pilots, the latter generally being the less experienced of the two,” said a source. “Then a few weeks before March 8, International Woman’s Day, Air India’s Mumbai general manager cleared her to be paired with co-pilots. This was something that the officials who preceded the GM had always denied her.” The pilot operated an all-woman flight from Mumbai to Singapore on Woman’s Day safely. But on Monday, she erred with her landing.

Responding to a questionnaire sent by TOI, an Air India spokesperson said that pilots had to undergo at least ten consecutive successful PIC route checks with different DGCA-approved training captains to get a PIC on their licence. “No negative remarks were put on the woman pilot’s licence by DGCA while awarding her PIC on A-320,” she said. However an Air India commander said the fact that the woman pilot was hardly utilised as a commander and flew mostly with other commanders rather than co-pilots after obtaining her PIC endorsement said a lot.

Air India, in the woman pilot’s defence, told TOI that she had done 104 sectors with co-pilots. However, a source pointed out that a pilot could operate four to six sectors in a day. “If she has done only 104 sectors with co-pilots in a year and a half, then it speaks a lot about her skills,” he said.

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