Goa University Professor file counter plaints of sexual harassment

Sexual harassment, bullying and dangerous conflict are occupational hazards in the workplace. In a shocking incident, the Registrar was unable to ‘rectify’ the workplace harassment and had washed his hands off. It is the responsiblity of the HIgher management to provide a harassment-free environment.

GU profs file counter plaints of harassment
10 Jan 2009

PANAJI: A female professor of the Goa university has filed a complaint with the Agassaim police station alleging harassment by a senior professor from her department.

The complaint, filed on January 2, alleges inappropriate treatment meted out to her by a senior professor from her department.

PI Vishwas Karpe told TOI that following the female professor’s complaint, a counter-complaint has been filed against her by the senior male professor accused of harassment.

Refusing to divulge details, Karpe said that non-cognizable offences have been filed in both cases and that both parties have been summoned on Monday to settle the issue amicably.

Sources told TOI that the female professor filed the police complaint after she was told by the univsersity’s registrar that he would be unable to provide her security.

In a letter to the vice-chancellor of the Goa university, the female professor has stated that the registrar has “washed his hands off the entire affair” and has asked her “to file a police complaint as it is not his responsibility to provide me security”. According to sources, the professor “rushed” to the registrar for help after the misconduct incident occurred on January 2.

When contacted, registrar, M M Sangodkar, admitted that the incident took place within university premises. “I have received representations from both parties and we will study them,” he said, adding, “It is a personal dispute between the two.”

While sources said a dispute between the two professors has been on since 2004, Sangodkar said, “The representations were submitted by both the professors of their own accord without being asked for by university authorities.”

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