Steve Job’s early death due to wrong cancer treatment

London, Oct 15: A leading cancer doctor claimed that co-founder Apple Inc. Steve Jobs deliberately avoided conventional medicines and underwent through an alternative treatment which ruined his health.

Ramzi Armi, a researcher Harvard Medical School revealed that Steve Jobs was suffering from a mild form of cancer rarely fatal but he selected an alternative treatment which led to an early death.

Amri was quoted as saying, “Let me cut to the chase – Jobs allegedly chose to undergo all sorts of alternative treatment options before opting for conventional medicine. Given the circumstances, it seems sound to assume that Jobs’ choice for alternative medicine has eventually led to an unnecessarily early death.”

He added that even during this recurrent phase, Jobs opted to dedicate his time to Apple as the disease progressed, instead of opting for chemotherapy or any other conventional treatment.

The rapid spread of the cancer led him to undergo an operation, where his pancreas and duodenum was removed. After being diagnosed, if immediate surgery would have been conducted, Jobs would have survived with ‘no residual side-effects.’

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