Anna is Wrong

Anna Hazare is blackmailing UPA government with his fast, his demand for Stronger Lokpal bill is right, but Anna is Wrong on fasting and Blackmailing Government like this.
it is government duty to make Stronger lokpal bill, but they are not ready to do, as they already proved in Black money stashed in foreign banks, after years of public demand government failed to bring any money other than few changes in RBI rules which effect common man who bring money from abroad or send abroad; but nothing changed in ministers blackmoney. coz both ruling and opposition involved in Blackmoney. now same with Lokpal, if stronger lokpal is implemented it will effect both parties, so BJP or other opposition parties will not support anna or oppose government move to make toothless lokpal bill.

Talks between the government and Team Anna on a Lokpal bill continue to be hindered by three “sticking issues”, civil society activist Kiran Bedi said Wednesday, and Law Minister Salman Khurshid agreed that there had been no headway on them.

“Another round of talks are on between Salman Khurshid and Team Anna,” former police officer and Team Anna member Bedi tweeted, ahead of an all party meeting on the issue Wednesday afternoon.

The meeting at Khurshid’s residence last for an hour.

After coming out of the meeting, Bedi tweeted: “Meeting over three sticking issues of Lokayukta and others held. Discussions continue. But we are running out of time. Today is vital”.

According to her colleague Prashant Bhushan, the three main points of contention were inclusion of the lower bureaucracy in the ambit of the Lokpal, having a Lokayukta in every state and a citizen’s charter for each government department.

“The meeting was good… but there has been no headway made,” Khurshid said, refusing to comment more.

Bedi, Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal had met Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and other ministers Tuesday night to discuss the points of disagreement between them and the government on the Lokpal bill.

Home Minister P. Chidambaram has submitted a report on the situation arising out of Anna Hazare’s fast over a strong Lokpal bill to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Sources said a final decision would be taken after this meeting, as opposition parties had pointed out that the government had taken all decisions without consulting them.

Activist Hazare’s fast entered the ninth day Wednesday, causing worries among his supporters about his deteriorating health.

Expressing concern, Khurshid said: “A good bill can come 10-15 days later but a fast cannot be broken 20 days later. So if we look at the priorities of urgency, then the urgency that the fast must come to an end is far greater, more serious than the urgency to pass the bill.”
The former Lokayukta said his appeal to Hazare was because of concern for his health and not because Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wrote a letter to the social activist urging him to end the fast.

He, however, appreciated Manmohan Singh’s gesture in writing to Hazare and said it was a “right move”.

Hegde also said there was some progress towards talks between Hazare and his team and the central government.

“Some progress has been made in the dialogue but nothing concrete as both parties have reservations,” he said.

Hegde noted that while Manmohan Singh was talking of give and take, the Anna group “is not keen on talking to (Home Minister P.) Chidambaram or (Human Resources Development Minister) Kapil Sibal.”

He denied that Hazare and his team had become rigid, and said, “The government has created this situation. We have tried to talk several times”.

Lastly Moral of the story is it is not Anna started fasting but government forced him to do, but fasting is not right, to force government to make laws; so Lokpal is right but anna is Wrong. common man exclaimed.

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