Man wrongfully caught in sex scandal seeks apology

Beijing, Sept 29: A lawyer has sought an apology from a television station for wrongfully showing his picture on a news channel in Beijing.

The man, Wang Jin’s picture was used by a news channel that alleged that he kept six women as sex slaves, reported the Shanghai media. The video was then posted on internet.

“I received numerous calls from friends and relatives asking me whether I had any relationship with the case and the suspect,” said Wang.

The man has sought an apology from the news station on their show claiming that his work and life has been hugely affected by the allegations.

Meanwhile, an official at the station said that the matter was being looked into and they would soon respond to the matter.

Li Hao, an ex-official, Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, Luoyang, Henan province allegedly kept six women as sex slaves for two years in a dungeon, later killing two of them. Hao was also accused of forcing the women into flesh trade and filming them in pornographic videos for profit.

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